Do you own or operate a business? Do you supervise or manage employees?

Sound business decisions require accurate information.  If your business outsources data collection, analysis, or reporting, you are relying on someone else to provide you with accurate information.  Unfortunately, many companies selling these services use strategies that do not give businesses the most accurate information possible. Here are a few of the ways Matt Berent Consulting can help you collect the right information to make the best business decisions:
Knowing IF your customers and clients are satisfied with your products and services is a start.  If you want to grow your business, you'll also need to know WHAT satisfies your customers and clients. Some VOC data collection companies tell businesses that they only need to know how customers and clients answer a single question; and, that question is poorly designed.  It's like asking a doctor to diagnose a patient using only a broken thermometer.  We can custom design a VOC data collection, analysis, and reporting strategy for you that is based on sound survey practices and gives you accurate and actionable information.

Happy employees means increased productivity and decreased turnover.  Learning what makes your employees happy can improve your bottom line.  Most work satisfaction instruments use questions that make employees appear more satisfied than they actually are.  If you want accurate information about what makes your employees happy, let us build an instrument around the unique characteristics of your business.

Most people who visit a business website have a particular goal in mind.  Answering questions about website organization, information clarity, distracting graphics, and loading speed is usually NOT that goal. Some website evaluation companies "impute" (i.e., statistically guess) how people who visit your website WOULD HAVE answered IF they were asked.  The result is unusable, error-filled data.  We can design a strategy for collecting real, accurate, and actionable information about visitor's experiences with your website.

Effective communication with customers and clients can increase consumer loyalty.  Understanding who your customers and clients are, how they think, and what they care about can help you resonate with them. 
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  • VOC surveys
  • Employee engagement assesment
  • Website evaluation
  • Personae development
  • Trend analyses

We can also help businesses evaluate the accuracy of data provided to you by  external sources through:

  • Data collection methodology and instrument reviews
  • Data auditing
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